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For Businesses at Scale
Monthly Subscription
For Orgs with advanced
needs Custom Pricing
For ClassificationFor Extraction
per month
$0.05/page for all page
per month
$0.25/page for W2, Paystub, Note, Notice of Sale, FC Deed

$0.75/page for 1033

$1.25/doc for Mortgage Doc
per month
(for 333,333 pages)

Afterwards, $0.06/page for C&E

$0.01/page for HITL
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Supported FilesAny FileAny FileAny File
BuildUnlimited custom apps & fieldsUnlimited custom apps & fieldsCustom Configuration
ClassificationAuto ClassificationAuto ClassificationSplit Classification
Stamp Detectionticktickticktick
Data Extraction-------ticktickPlus, Custom Visuals & Images
Document Packaging--------------ticktick
Duplicate Detectiontick-------ticktick
Signature Detection & Extraction-------tickticktick
Validations--------------Custom Rules & Confidence ScoresComplex Rules and Decision Trees
Human Review--------------Data CorrectionCustom Routing & Escalation
SSN Validation / VA IRRRL--------------ticktick
Income Calculator App--------------ticktick
Late Fee App--------------ticktick
Master Audit (22-27 data elements)--------------ticktick
Advance Reconciliation App*--------------$40/loan$40/loan
DeploymentPyro-HostedPyro-HostedPyro or Self-Hosted
Uptime SLAs99.95%99.95%99.99%
Support & Response TimeEmailEmail & LiveDedicated
Solutions Hours/MonthNone20500
* - Only loans that have advances
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